Information Technology

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Please submit your work orders through your school secretaries. If you need to contact us for any pending matter or you have a question about an ongoing work order, please feel free to contact us as you see fit with the information provided below.

IT Department Staff
Patricia Quijada (760) 370-8863 Supervisor of Instruction and Technology pquijada@cuhsd.net
Cesar Castro
(760) 336-4571
Computer Network Engineer
Ramón Barrera
(760) 336-4585
Computer Network Engineer Assistant
Angel Alarcon
(760) 370-8862
Computer Repair Assistant III
Emidio Horta
(760) 336-4573
Computer Repair Assistant III  ehorta@cuhsd.net
George Baez (760) 336-4572  Computer Repair Assistant III  gbaez@cuhsd.net