School Safety

Safety of Students, Staff and our Community

Student Safety is our number one priority.  Even more important than learning, is keeping our children safe.  This includes, but is not limited to: Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, Violence and more.  We develop and practice Fire, Earthquake and Evacuation Drills.  Student organization are in place to help students be connected to school and their peers.  We have a variety of programs from partnerships with Behavioral Health to Suicide Prevention Week to Link Crew and more all to help students in need.  CUHSD is continually reviewing the safety of our schools in a monthly committee meeting.
Check back to learn more about our Safety Plans.


Vaping is a major health risk and a violation of school rules. To learn more about vaping and the dangers related to tobacco and THC drugs, click here.

Gun Safety for Families

The California Department of Education has provided the following notices for families to keep firearms locked and secured.
"Schools alone cannot prevent incidents of gun violence.  The California Department of Education is dedicated to making our schools as safe as possible, and it is the responsibility of parents, guardians and household members to store firearms according to California Law.  Tips and information about firearms safety , including Rules for Kids, can be accessed on the Sate of California Department of Justice Firearms Safety web page at https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/tips"