Vision and Mission


"Committed to Excellence" 

Vision Statement

Shaping the future by developing skills, abilities, and knowledge to collaborate, communicate, create, think critically and effectively use technology in order to ensure all students are career and college ready. 

Mission Statement

We each take responsibility for high expectations for students learning essential skills, and developing abilities, and knowledge by working collaboratively with our school community and providing a safe learning environment.

Strategic Goals

  • Increase achievement for all students, narrow the gap between high and low performing student subgroups, and increase the graduation rate of all students.
  • Effectively use instructional strategies including technology to improve student learning and achievement.
  • Implement the Common Core State Standards across all content areas.
  • Improve communication among all stakeholders.
  • Increase instructional program options, student engagement, and school connectedness.
  • Provide Basic Services at a high level.  Recruit, hire and retain high quality staff; provide standards aligned instructional materials for all; and provide a safe and effective learning environment.
  • Implement professional growth opportunities for staff that will develop future leaders.
  • Support priorities while maintaining fiscal responsibility and compliance with established policies. 

Core Values

We believe...

  • All students will learn, achieve, and succeed.
  • We are responsible and accountable for results and must lead by example
  • We respect individual differences and believe that each individual has inherent worth
  • We are transparent and honest in all our interactions with students, parents, staff, and the community
  • We attract and retain the most qualified, committed, accountable and highly productive employees
  • We effectively use technology as a tool for improving student achievement
  • We are committed to providing excellent educational setting,  opportunities, and access for students in a fiscally responsible manner